OSIA tells Senate Committee to reject TPP

On 26 October 2016, OSIA lodged a submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence & Trade (SSCFADT) regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

OSIA recommended that:

  1. Australia should not ratify TPP.
  2. Australia should show strong leadership in the Pacific region by opening fresh and completely transparent negotiations - with any and all former TPP Parties who may be interested in doing so -  for a true free trade agreement (one whose sole purpose is to eliminate tariffs and quotas across the board).
  3. A policy should be established prohibiting Australian participation in any treaty negotiated in secret (other than military treaties in time of war).

The full text of the submission can be downloaded from http://www.osia.com.au/drupal7/submission-sscfadt-tpp .