OSIA Board Members

The OSIA Board, during the 2017/18 term are/were:

  • Mr Mark Phillips (Automated Test Systems, Vic.) -- Chairman
  • Mr Jack Burton (Saosce, SA) -- Director & Company Secretary
  • Mr Josh Stewart (Vic.) -- Director (public policy)
  • Mr Paul Moore (Astute Systems, Qld) -- Director (membership)
  • Mr Alexar Pendashteh (Goodness Triangle, Vic.) -- Director (member services)
  • Mr Ron Skeoch (Muli Management, NSW) -- resigned mid-term, formerly Director (unencumbered open standards)

For board matters, please contact the chairman. For membership or compliance matters, please contact the company secretary.

Historical reference: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Source_Industry_Australia

Sunday, 4 February, 2018